A THING / もの

Part 2 / その二

Why are we here? Where did we come from, and where we will go?’ The curiosity to glimpse the mysteries of life was my starting point. And ‘A Thing’ is an attempt at physically and intuitively gaining insights into the nature of things, through my own experiences and senses beyond intellectual understandings. To open up a perception of the world and untangle the questions by using photography as a tool. ‘A Thing’ has 2 parts. Part 1 was started in 2013 and showed; Part 1 in 2016, Part 2 in 2020.




Solo Exhibition at Kyotographie KG+ 2020
Live performance / Tea Ceremony

Collective truth in silence — images and memories about ‘things’ just as they are, to acknowledge where we came from and where we shall go.

Part 2:
I looked for the meaning of a thing that doesn’t have a meaning. Some say when the right things are assigned to the right places, it represents the universe in its right shape. But this was not so. They were just temporal shapes made by coincidence. What defines a shape is one’s will. 

This world is empty, yet filled with infinite resonating sounds. And the whole thing is a song passing through like a flash of memories.

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