A THING / もの

Part 1 / その一

Water – where things are born
Land – where wild things are
Sky – where things go back

Collective truth in silence — images/ memories/ words about ‘things’ just as they are, to acknowledge where we came from and where we shall go.


みず ものがうまれるところ
つち いきものがいるところ
そら ものがかえるところ


Part 1:
In my attempt to study the true nature of ‘things’ (the whole), I tried to observe it as objectively as I could. But then it circled back, and what emerged on the photographs was the essence of myself. This world is empty. Everything is an illusion – just a reflection of myself. I still see things as human being.


Solo Exhibition at Kyotographie KG+ 2016
Live performance by MAMIUMU