A THING (Part I & II) Limited Time and Edition Book Pre-order (SOLD OUT) / もの(その一と二)期間・部数限定ARTIST BOOK予約受付(完売)


In celebration of the exhibition and the closure of the series, I will be selling the artist book for a limited time. (2020/9/28 – 10/2) The book will be made by the artist from printing to binding. And it’s like owning a little art piece since all the photos are printed on photographic papers. The number of pre-order will be the edition number.

A THING (Part I & II) Artist Book

Language: English and Japanese
Size: 300 x 200 x 8mm
12 Pages (34 Photographs on photographic paper)
Number of copies: Limited Edition. All editions are signed.
Photography, Text, Editing, Printing and Binding: Miyuki Yamanaka

Price: 5,500 JPY (apx. 50 USD) + Shipping
Payment: PayPal
Shipping costs depend on a country (For shipping 1 book, Asian countries apx.10 USD, North America & Europe apx.15 USD, South America apx. 20 USD)

To order the book, please e-mail the following information to info@miyukiyamanaka.com under the title ‘Order A Thing Book’

1) Name
2) Address
3) Phone Number
4) Email address you use for the PayPal payment

Once I received your order, I will get back to you with the total price incl. the shipping. After the confirmation of the payment, the book is going to be made and shipped within October. Please be aware the post might be delayed due to the current pandemic situation.

今回の写真展とシリーズの完成を記念して、「もの(その一と二)」ARTIST BOOKの予約をウェブでも2020/9/28から10/2までの期間限定で受付いたします。印刷から製本まで作家によって作り出されたアーティストブックになります。写真部分は写真用紙に別途印刷しており、小さな作品を手元に置いていただける様な仕上がりとなっています。予約いただいた数がそのままエディションナンバーとなります。

もの(その一と二) ARTIST BOOK
サイズ:300 x 200 x 8mm
写真・文章・編集・印刷・製本: 山中 美有紀


ご注文時のメール件名に「A Thing 購入希望」とお書きいただき、info@miyukiyamanaka.comに下記の内容をお知らせ下さい。