The Making (Extra Episode: Wind)|作品のつくり方(番外風編)








I believe that the finished work is the truth ONLY to myself (at that moment), and I always look forward to hearing how other people perceive my work. As I said in the previous episodes, there are some aspects of my work that I don’t consciously capture, even though I create it myself. It seems to me that these aspects are extracted to the surface through the viewers.

Some people say that the main object is often in the middle of the picture, which is very Japanese, others say that the use of colour is very Western. (Many of them were actually taken abroad)

When I was doing an exhibition, a neighbour came to have a look, stayed for good 20 minutes, and when he left, he said “I didn’t understand it at all!” (It was so blunt and I liked it!)

Some said that they had the impression that all things, people, objects and nature, were treated equally, and that I stand in the middle of light and shadow, without superiority or inferiority.

A friend of mine once said: “When I look at a photograph, through the image, I always imagine the person behind the camera. But in your photos, there is no human behind the camera, and it rather like smoke.”

There are numerous ways of looking at my work and I think they are all true. When a photograph is seen by many people, various worlds with different meanings are derived from one piece. At that moment, I think the work begins to take on a life of its own.

Finally, one of the words I received was “There is no answer, but just the act of searching for it”. I will always be on a journey to find answers that are not there.