The Making (Episode: Land)|作品のつくり方(土編)



その文章はなぜか、英語で出てくることが多かったのですが、「もの その二」(前作 2020年発表)では、主な部分は日本語、その後英語に翻訳して、日本語と英語を行き来しながら文章を整えていきました。

また、今作っている作品「うた」は、「もの その二」を制作中、タイトルだけが先に思い浮かんだのでした。根拠もなく「次はこのタイトルだ」と自信はあるものの、まだ作品すら作り始めてもなく、むしろその前に出す作品をも制作中なのに、なんとも不思議な体験でした。




In the process of making a piece of art, also in the finished work, I feel that I am seeing myself that I have not yet seen, even though I am the one making it. It is as if the work itself has a will of its own, transcending my consciousness.

A big, hazy picture gradually comes into focus, as the photos are selected and compiled. And when the work is finished, somehow, words start to fall like a letter from the sky that arrives out of nowhere. It is only then that the meaning of the big picture becomes clearer to me too. Often I just change wording or the end of a sentence a little bit, and then I don’t think it over.

The letter, for some reason, always came in English. But for “A Thing Part 2“ (my previous project, exhibited in 2020), it mainly came out in Japanese then I translated it into English, and moving back and forth between Japanese and English to adjust for the final outcome.

The title of the on-going project, “A Song”, came to me when I was still working on “A Thing Part 2”. I was confident ‘This will be the next title!’, but it was a strange experience, because I hadn’t even started working on the project; I was yet working on the project to be released before that.

Making a piece of art is very organic and interesting, and there are many aspects that I have no control over. The process of giving shape to something vague and unfathomable is like having a dialogue with another self, or with someone invisible. And I believe it’s also connected with the memories deep inside of those who will see the work in the future.

Every time I wonder the reason of what I do, many people reminded me that they were with me and that is why I have been able to continue my work at a veeery slow pace. I really appreciate that my work have met you.

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